Week best SIM only deals UK

If you do not like a monthly contract with a phone plan, there are options available if you are not comfortable in paying a huge amount every month. SIM only deals may be the answer that you are looking for. SIM only can be cheaper that contract with handset and you don't have to commit for a long period. You also have the flexibility to switch deals on a monthly basis if you need to. This way you can get much better deals without being tied. With an abundance of plans available from many of UK networks, it can be difficult to find the best plan available. Here are our recommended plans for you.

Data requirements

There are some considerations when choosing a data plan. If you are rarely connected to your Wi-Fi at home or office or if you use it for business purposes, you may want to consider a larger data plan. Most SIM only deals now will come with a minimum of 250MB data and some with unlimited data. Three Mobile currently offer unlimited 3 SIM only deals but if you prefer to have a much faster 4G connection than you should choose SIM only deals. You will need to be cautious as not to get a huge data package, as you do not want to overspend on data, which cannot be rolled over every month.

Best Network

Finding the best SIM only deal does not always mean finding the plan for your money. You should also consider which network is best for your needs. If you live outside of cities and towns, you may want to check your network coverage as not all networks offer the same coverage. Each provider has a web page where you can check for network coverage in your area, you can then choose the best network for your needs.

International calling

If you have friends or relative abroad and need to call them, it is a good to have a tariff that also allows you to call internationally. Most networks either include international calling or have the option to an add-on to allow you to call internationally. Three for example has the international saver add-on. With Three, you will get 3000 minutes to call from the UK by initially dialling 388 followed by the number.

Best SIM only deal in 2018 for £5 from Plusnet Mobile 1GB Data 2000 Minutes 2000 Texts

Plusnet currently have the best SIM only deal in 2018 for a limited time for £5.  Other network are offering similar deals for more that double this cost.  This is a limited time offer and will only be available until the 1st of February. You do not have to be Plusnet customer to get this and it comprises of 1GB of Data, with 2000 minutes and 2000 texts. Another great thing about this deal is that it is on a 30-day contract. This gives you greater flexibility to change contracts if you find a better deal or want to change network providers. SIM only deals work on assumption that you already have a mobile phone. Ideally, you need a phone that is unlocked so that you can choose any network, which offers SIM only deals. You can then choose the best network to suit your mobile needs and budget. If your phone has finished its contract, why not jump on this great deal from Plusnet and start saving on your monthly mobile costs. Plusnet uses the EE network. EE has fantastic 4G and is one of the larger networks which Plusnet works off.

Three SIM only deal for £14 12GB data unlimited minutes and texts

If you are searching for a SIM only play with plenty of data, Three Mobile currently have an exclusive offer from yourmob.co.uk. If you are on a pricier plan, get this Three SIM deal to save on your monthly mobile plan, visit here. This flash sale sees the plan reduced by £1 to £14 per month. Therefore, you get unlimited minutes, 12GB data, and unlimited texts for £14 rather than £15 monthly on a 12 months contract. As a comparison, here are other deals for around £14


For £18.50 now £13.50 on the Red extra plan from Vodafone, gives you only 2GB data with unlimited minutes.


Currently offers 12GB SIM only for £16.99 reduced from £19.99 with unlimited minutes and texts.


For £12 with Virgin Mobile you can get 2GB data, 2500 minutes and unlimited texts.

How to get this deal

Click on our link to go directly the basket, which is not available from the Three website. To find more deals compare the latest SIM only deals at yourmob.co.uk

SIM only deal for £8 from Plusnet 3.5GB 1000 Minutes Unlimited Texts

When you think of mobile SIM only plans Plusnet does not usaully come in your top list of providers. Plusnet are well know for their broadband deals but have recently delved into providing SIM only plans. At yourmob.co.uk we have an exclusive offer for mobile users from Plusnet from the 2nd of November until 23.59 on the 8th of November you can get 3.5 GB, 1000 minutes with unlimited texts for just £8 per month.  

Vigin SIM only Sale

Virgin Flash Sale - SIM only

Have a great offer for you over the weekend. For £10 you will get 5GB data, 2500 minutes and unlimited texts. This is on a 12 months contract. If you are not aware Virgin are a MVNO and work off the EE Mobile network, so you can expect to get great mobile coverage. If you are on a different mobile network you can make the switch easy by obtaining a PAC code, this will allow you to transfer your number over to Virgin. This could take a few days and they will notify you on the date of the transfer. The data is also 4G so expect fast downloads and browsing. You can also roll over your data if it is unused.