Zero mobile creates WhatSIM for Whatsapp users

For 10 Euros Italian mobile company Zeromobile has introduced a tariff for Whatsapp users. The new SIM allows users to send messages from 150 countries. With Whatsapp now used my millons around the world. Zeromobile has taken to opportunity to capture some market for messaging users. Whatsapp is not only just a texting app but also allows you to send audio, video and pictures, but sadly aside from messages additional options will cost extra in the new tariff by the way of top up credit system starting from €5. Doing the math, the WhatsApp is free for the first year of use, after which it will cost around 65p to renew. For an additional €10 you can get included messaging without signing up for a more expensive voice tariff. This type of tariff would be suitable for the messaging generation or parents getting a tariff for their children where they can control the costs.zeromobile-whatsim The basic tariff allows you to send messages for free. If you are looking to download images, video or voice, then there is credit based system where you recharge for a minimum of €5. Not all countries are the same so you will have to look at the country tariff. You can visit their website for more information. They quote, “With just €10 you can chat for free and without limits anywhere in the world for a year.” We hope that they bring this service to the UK where I am sure there will be much interest. Let us know if you think the major operators in the UK Three mobile, EE, O2 and Vodafone should also do the same? I am sure they can introduce cheap tariffs to gain market share and customer base

SIM only and pay as you go users are most happy with their deals

A new study has found that a third of men and women with phone contracts are disappointed with their deals. Mobile users who fork out very month on their contracts are the least happiest than PAYG and SIM only consumers. Due to this increase more than half have changed suppliers due to expenses. Oddly a higher percent of PAYG users mentioned they were comfortable with the lowest tariffs and with others who didn’t check around for the lowest package. phone-user Choosing the Right Deal The way you use your phone will dictate which the best the deals are for you. PAYG are ideal for low volume callers or who do not need the additional tariff options. A second phone or a phone for a teen is the most popular. They are also perfect if you do not have a good credit score and need a phone to make calls or texts. There are also some drawbacks which include topping up credit or running out of credit when you are making an important call. If you like to go online and browse the web send images or are like to stream podcasts and radio a contract or SIM only would be better for you as you would get a much better deal. If you already have a handset non contract deals would be much better as you can utilise your phone and save the cost of a handset. Most modern phones do last longer and there is no reason for you to carry on paying for monthly contract after your agreement has ended. Choosing SIM Only With SIM only you can get 30 day rolling contracts with better minutes and texts. As the deal comes without a phone you can often get great deals on minutes and data. If you find a better you can terminate easily, which is a benefit of have a rolling contract. For under £10 you can get SIM only from many of the networks including Three which won't break the bank. It is advisable to obtain an unlocked phone as you are open to deals from EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone. If the phone is locked you can ask the operator to unlock it for you but there may be a small fee for this service.

TalkTalk offer the lowest cost SIM plan from £3.50

If you are looking for a cheap SIM only deal, than you don’t really have to look far than TalkTalk. They currently have one of the cheapest SIM only deal from just £3.50 per month. talktalk-cheap-sim-only So what do you get with this fantastic deal from this MVNO? Contract:12 Months Minutes:100 Text:250 Data:100 Price:£3.50 There is also extra incentive you should buy online. You can get double the internet data from 100MB to 200MB. Dan Meader from TalkTalk is quoted as saying, “Our new tariffs are centered around having more time to chat, text and surf the net without paying a penny extra.” All the plans have been refreshed to offer more inclusive minutes, texts and data. Their most expensive plan is for £17.50 and comes with 4GB of data. Their other low cost medium SIM only plan isn’t bad either costing, £7.50 with 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data. TalkTalk runs on the Vodafone network so new subscribes should get reliable network coverage and internet speeds on their smartphones.

Vodafone Announce 4G Launch on 29th August

Hot on the heels of O2 which announced their 4G service last month. Vodafone has also just announced that they will be launching their 4G service, after spending a reportedly 900 million on the network. Vodafone will launch their 4G service on the 29th August in London on its Red 4G plans, with additional cities to be added later. The other cities will be Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Coventry, Birmingham and Bradford. vodafone-4gSIM only plans will start from £26 on a 12 months contract with 2GB of data. Existing Vodafone Red customers can upgrade for an additional £5 per month. For additional costs you can upgrade to 4GB and 8GB for £31 and £36 pounds respectively. Vodafone has also teamed up with Sky Sports Mobile and Spotify. Subscribers can choose to have either service for free after which there is charge for continued service. There has been slow take up of 4G and with Vodafone now making this announcement this should see a lot more mobile users take up the service. With Sky Sports Mobile and Spotify included this should entice a lot more users who own a 4G handset but are currently using the 3G service. Sky Sports Mobile TV will broadcast 100 matches from the popular football leagues in the UK and with Spotify premium you can stream over 20 million songs. Unfortunately none of the plans include unlimited data and on a 4G network with downloads being much faster the bundled data can be used up faster, if you are streaming video or making many video calls. Only the Three mobile network has announced that they will offer unlimited data when they announce their 4G service.