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Choosing the Best Mobile Deals

mobilesMobile deals are very enticing for many, whether you are looking for a new contract or upgrading. You can get the latest handset with a tariff that has all the requirements you may need, such as minutes, data and texts. These types of contracts are subsidised by the networks to get you on the best deal for cheap. At on our search comparison engine there are plenty of free goodies available too from reduced bills via cashback to free gifts. To get the most out of the contract follow our guide below and get the latest offers on handsets.

12, 18 or 24 months?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to choosing either a shorter or a longer contract. The 24 months contract will allow you to spread the cost of the tariff over two years and your monthly repayment will be cheaper. If there is a cost associated with the bundled mobile handset this will be reduced, or in some cases it will be free. You are nevertheless tied to a long contract and should you wish to end the agreement early there will be contract termination fees payable. You can also get more favourable tariffs on the longer contract with more talk time minutes or mobile internet.

After an EU ruling mobile operators now have to offer 12 months contracts. The 12 months contract will be more costly but the agreement will be shorter and you can then sell your handset or upgrade your mobile. You can also consider SIM only deals on a shorter contract. Additionally with a 12 months contracts you can change provider when your contract is finished.

Network There are now half a dozen networks to choose from, all offering great service. This greatly increases competition and customers can get great value offers. If you looking for faster mobile data download, EE and Vodafone now have 4G service. If you are in an area with reduced mobile coverage you are advised to check which operator will give you the best network coverage. You would not want to be on a long contract if you have trouble making and receiving calls.


Consider these options before signing up for your mobile. The number of minutes, texts, data and the monthly repayment you are comfortable with each month. Your previous mobile usage history will be a guide to how you should choose the best tariff. If you feel there will be an increase in usage then go for a tariff which includes more than you have used in the past. Out of allowance charges can be expensive and can add to your monthly repayment. Contract phones are cheaper in the long run when compared to pay as you go, but with contract deals the bundled tariff is more favourable.

There are also many free offers available and with some pre-planning on your usage, you can save much headache and time by choosing from our comparison search to find the deal you need.