Vodafone Announce 4G Launch on 29th August

Hot on the heels of O2 which announced their 4G service last month. Vodafone has also just announced that they will be launching their 4G service, after spending a reportedly 900 million on the network. Vodafone will launch their 4G service on the 29th August in London on its Red 4G plans, with additional cities to be added later. The other cities will be Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Coventry, Birmingham and Bradford.

vodafone-4gSIM only plans will start from £26 on a 12 months contract with 2GB of data. Existing Vodafone Red customers can upgrade for an additional £5 per month. For additional costs you can upgrade to 4GB and 8GB for £31 and £36 pounds respectively.

Vodafone has also teamed up with Sky Sports Mobile and Spotify. Subscribers can choose to have either service for free after which there is charge for continued service.

There has been slow take up of 4G and with Vodafone now making this announcement this should see a lot more mobile users take up the service. With Sky Sports Mobile and Spotify included this should entice a lot more users who own a 4G handset but are currently using the 3G service. Sky Sports Mobile TV will broadcast 100 matches from the popular football leagues in the UK and with Spotify premium you can stream over 20 million songs.

Unfortunately none of the plans include unlimited data and on a 4G network with downloads being much faster the bundled data can be used up faster, if you are streaming video or making many video calls. Only the Three mobile network has announced that they will offer unlimited data when they announce their 4G service.