Ditch your Contract and Buy SIM Free with SIM only deals

Most people end up going for a two year contract which they don’t really want, as they think that is the best contract available to them. They then find that they are locked into it without an easy way out and also without having to pay termination fees. Many of the discouraging things with contracts phones are that they come branded with the network providers logo and also may come with additional apps that you don’t need eating up your valuable storage space.

By agreeing to these contracts you are under the assumption that you will be saving money but in many instances this is no longer true.mobile phones

SIM FREE an Alternative Choice

Generally most have given a passing thought to SIM free phones but you should give it even more consideration due to the benefits you will get. SIM free phones or unlocked phones are not locked by the network providers giving you the freedom to choose the best SIM only deals you desire.

There are some disadvantages to SIM free in the hefty price you have to pay initially. But this should not put you off as there are many value phones available too. Perhaps you could consider the last generation iPhone than the one just released or any earlier Android phone model if you prefer Android. You may not get the latest feature available which would lower the cost of the handset.

There are many outlets where you can buy SIM free phones and you will find many mobile deals here. By getting in the mindset to pay up front you can really take advantage of these offers. With contract phones you can be tied to 24 months. If you do not upgrade your handset after the contract period has expired, you will continue to pay for the tariff plus the cost of the handset which you have already paid for. You also can’t change provider if for some reason you get dropped calls or bad signal.

Checkout SIM Only

Now that you have bought your SIM free phone which type of deal should you go for? Well the standout tariffs are SIM only deals.

SIM only deals are available in both short and long contracts. The short contracts are 30 days rolling contract or optionally you can go for a 12 months contract. With 12 months contract you can generally get a better package but you are locked in for that duration. 30 days are more flexible and you cancel by giving your monthly notice.

On a short contract you are able to change providers when you need to by giving your monthly notice. These are ideal for those travelling or waiting for the latest model to be released.

Overall buying upfront can afford you greater flexibility to choose the phone you want with a competitive tariff which suits your phone and mobile internet needs.