Zero mobile creates WhatSIM for Whatsapp users

For 10 Euros Italian mobile company Zeromobile has introduced a tariff for Whatsapp users. The new SIM allows users to send messages from 150 countries.

With Whatsapp now used my millons around the world. Zeromobile has taken to opportunity to capture some market for messaging users. Whatsapp is not only just a texting app but also allows you to send audio, video and pictures, but sadly aside from messages additional options will cost extra in the new tariff by the way of top up credit system starting from €5.

Doing the math, the WhatsApp is free for the first year of use, after which it will cost around 65p to renew. For an additional €10 you can get included messaging without signing up for a more expensive voice tariff. This type of tariff would be suitable for the messaging generation or parents getting a tariff for their children where they can control the costs.zeromobile-whatsim

The basic tariff allows you to send messages for free. If you are looking to download images, video or voice, then there is credit based system where you recharge for a minimum of €5. Not all countries are the same so you will have to look at the country tariff.

You can visit their website for more information. They quote, “With just €10 you can chat for free and without limits anywhere in the world for a year.” We hope that they bring this service to the UK where I am sure there will be much interest.

Let us know if you think the major operators in the UK Three mobile, EE, O2 and Vodafone should also do the same? I am sure they can introduce cheap tariffs to gain market share and customer base