Best SIM Only Deals Best Choice
per month
Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Data
Unlimited Texts
12 Months
Three - 12GB
per month
Unlimited Mins
12 GB Data
Unlimited Texts
12 Months
Vodafone - Vodafone Red
per month
Unlimited Mins
10 GB Data
Unlimited Texts
12 Months
O2 - 4G Ready £21
per month
Ultd Minutes
10 GB
Unlimited Texts
12 Months
Benefits of SIM Only
  • Short 30 Day Contracts
  • Use Your Handset
  • Retain Your Number
  • Save £££ Every Year

SIM Only Explained

Plans for mobile tariffs have expanded to include new contracts referred to as SIM only deals. Although you may not have heard about them they are now offered by all of the large UK networks. They can offer significant savings to your yearly mobile expenditure and you can also get cheap plans for loved ones too. You are also not bound to a 24 months contract.

Essentially the SIM only deal is a contract where you pay every month for minutes, texts and data. The plan does not include a handset allowing the cost to be reduced. There are enormous variations of tariffs available to suit most mobile phone users online, which you can compare here at a mobile friendly website. Plans cater for mobile internet users on their smartphones and also for those that prefer to make voice only calls.

Regular mobile contracts come with a free handset. This free handset you may think is at no cost to you but is actually added to the cost of the contract and how much you pay every month. The higher specification the handset the larger the monthly repayment is, although a feature phone would be cheaper.

Choose from UK Networks

Three Vodafone O2 Virgin Media Mobile

Use with Existing Handsets

SIM only contracts are suitable if you have a mobile already. If the phone is compatible and unlocked, you are able to choose from many of the operators available. With a simple calculation you will see that you can make savings every month by choosing not to upgrade to a standard contract deal, by keeping your handset longer you can reap more benefits and is environmentally friendly too.

Reducing your expenses are not the only benefits of SIM card deals. Another great advantage is that most popular contracts are available on a monthly tariff, you can also choose 12 months plans with even greater savings. With the monthly plan the agreement is only binding for a month and with 30 days notice you can be free of the agreement if you are not satisfied with the service. You can change to another mobile network operator for better network coverage or better offers.

Benefits for SIM Free Users

If you often change your handset but do not want to be bound to a 12 months or 24 months contract, SIM card deals are useful in this regard. With a SIM free phone, as they unlocked you can choose the handset of your desire with the SIM only deal you prefer together with the provider of your choosing. You can change handsets as often as you want without paying off your contract, if you choose the monthly plans.

Choosing the Right Deals

If you want to get the best out of the plan you are going to purchase. You may want to consider the options which are available to you and also the requirements which will help you to get the best SIM only deals online. By choosing from the requirements below you can save money and time and get all the benefits.

  • Mobile Network

If your handset is locked to an operator, then you may be restricted to only using services from them. By getting the handset unlocked you can choose from many of the deals available. Current operators offering SIM only plans are Vodafone, Three, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and EE. 3 SIM only deals are best for unlimited internet usage with their no cap tariffs.

  • Price

If you use your phone regularly making calls, browsing the web and texting, you will want a plan which also includes data. By looking at your previous usage and bills, you can have some idea of the tariff which would be ideal. Plans range from £5 and above and there are plans for everyone to find the best SIM only deals online.

  • Network

Mobile coverage can be a concern to some mobile users as reception is different from each of the providers. Even 4G SIM only plans are not available from all networks. Each provider allows you to check for coverage before purchase. It is advisable to choose a monthly contract which allows you to cancel without being tied to the contract unnecessarily.

  • Contract

The SIM only introduction has seen plans for both a monthly contract and longer 12 months deals. Networks offer greater incentive for you to choose the yearly contract, where they offer cheaper monthly repayments with more minutes and data. There are also free gifts available from providers including free mobile handsets and even shopping vouchers to sweeten the deal, there have been recent Vodafone SIM only tariffs offering great deals. Of course you will have to choose the best option for you but the monthly contract SIM plans offer the greater flexibility.

  • Options

You may be looking for specific plans including plans for iPhone or Blackberry. iPhone SIM will want unlimited internet or data included. There are also plans for Blackberry users with Blackberry messenger included.


  • 25/03/2017 - Three exclusive SIM only deals for Three exclusive
  • 25/07/2014 - Three Mobile have a SIM only refresh with a broad range of plans and now with the option to use personal hotspot on all tariffs..
  • 12/10/2013 - TalkTalk offer one of the cheapest SIM only deals on a 12 months contract for £3.50.